Type: Health, E-Commerce

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PURADEVA is an online retailer of medications and vitamin supplements with the goal of combining vitamins with meditations in order to raise planetary consciousness.


An online store with a simple design, ability to calculate shipping prices to various destinations around the world and a blogging software to write showcase articles about vitamins and meditations -, succinctly put, that is the goal of PURADEVA.


The client wanted a storefront for selling vitamins that would essentially model the look of Amazon and offer similar functionality, on a much more simplified level, of course. Customers would be able to search for products, share them with others and make purchases. The website needed integration with both Paypal and Stripe in order to accept a large number of payment methods. Finally, as the goal of the website is to raise consciousness and send good vibes, the look and feel of the website had to send good vibes as well.


This beautiful vibrant website is easy to navigate and a pleasure to use, and the blogging platform ensures that customers will never miss the latest messages. With colourful pictures on every screen and a font that is easy on the eye, PURADEVA instills its visitors with inspiration and a sense of peace.