We're designers. We're developers. We're dreamers.

We build beautiful and innovative products for startup and mature businesses. We're fun, smart, passionate... and we love what we do!

Driven by the desire to help local Winnipeg businesses gain exposure and increase their business, Konoson was founded to bridge the technological gap that companies face when they are trying to get a new online store going, conduct a research study or turn a great new app idea into reality.

Now, years later, with many completed projects and an ever-growing number of success stories, Konoson has matured into a company that is well-positioned to take on both small and large challenges. With a high level of expertise in a vast range of technologies and business industries, we are ready to make your business venture a success.

Express yourself with Konoson

We provide you with the expertise you need to succeed.

Proven Track Record

With many successful projects and happy clients, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your project is in the hands of experts, and your idea will get the attention it deserves.

Technology Versatility

Are your particular about your choice of language or framework? We've worked with many different technologies, and we'll give you the best recommendation that works within your constraints.

Web & Mobile Support

More than 50% of all users are now on cell phones, and the number is growing. With hundreds of devices and diverse operating systems, your application will look good no matter who is looking at it.

Industry Experience

Entertainment, education, healthcare, travel, e-Commerce... the list goes on. We have expertise in various industries, which means your time can be spent on features instead of business analysis.

Affordable Fixed Rates

Small budget, large budget... It's not about one size fits all — It's about building to fit the size. Our rates are fixed and tailored to your project to ensure we delivery quality and stay on budget.

Infinite Possibilities

With a range of pre-designed content blocks, components and plugins, Konoson provides you with an unlimited number of possibilities.

Stand out from the crowd! Hire Konoson for your next project.